Climate change resilience for perennial crops

Climed-Fruit Open Contest: Call for abstracts

As part of the Climed-Fruit project, we are launching an Open Contest for selecting knowledge-ready for-practice issued from EU funded projects, and national or regional initiatives. The goal of Climed-Fruit is to give further European-wide dissemination of these solutions.


We are inviting participants from all EIP Operational Groups, EU funded projects (H2020, HE, LIFE, INTERREG, EFRD, EAFRD etc.), or national / regional initiatives, whose work related to innovative solutions for adaptation to climate change of perennial crops in Mediterranean area, to participate in the Open Contest by proposing their abstracts.


  • Gain international visibility to the results obtained in your projects, through CLIMED FRUIT 2024 on-line conference, project and partners websites, and documents produced by the project.
  • Receive financial support for the production of additional dissemination material.


To take part, all you need to do is upload or select in the online form:

  • a summary of the results obtained from the relevant projects, both in English and the original language. Practice Abstracts created for EPI AGRI database can be used;
  • reached TRL of the practices described;
  • the project / initiative data.

Now it’s up to you, but please note that you only have until
Monday 15th January to participate and submit your abstracts*.

*A single OG or project is allowed to submit multiple abstracts, each related to a different practice/result.


The Call for Abstracts will be organized in the 5 sub-topic categories and per TRL in relation to their applicability for end users.

Then, a selected stakeholder panel of related OGs and EU projects will be asked to score the practices according to the criterion “potential impact on my sector”. The evaluation of the whole partner team will follow the same criterion, in order to sort out the practices that have the greatest impact on the largest quantity of Mediterranean perennial crops.

The authors of the 40 top ranked abstracts will be invited to record and make available a 7-minute pitch (slide show with comments) – in the original language and in English – presenting the practice in detail.


The Open Contest event will be a web conference which will take place on the afternoons of 12 and 13 March 2024. It will be in English and simultaneously translated in Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. The top 40 ranked abstracts will be presented in the 7-minute pitches.

Attendees will be asked to score the pitches according to the criterion “potential impact on my sector” using an online poll tool.


The rank resulted from the scoring of the web conference attendees, together with views and likes on YouTube given to each video within one month from its release (the day after the online conference), will be used to identify the 12 winning practices in the contest.

The winning practices/technologies will benefit from the widespread dissemination plan of the Climed-Fruit project.

The authors of the 12 winning practices/technologies will be immediately notified, and will have the opportunity to:

  • Produce an Extended Practice Abstract (in English and in the original language) within 30 days from the notification,
  • Submit a Digital Story* (in English and in the original Language) on the same practice within 60 days,
  • Provide data to enable to perform a cost/benefit analysis

To enable them to produce this dissemination material, the winners will each receive the equivalent of €5,000 in services (subject to presentation of an invoice from the service provider who produced the documents).

*PLEASE NOTE: The digital story or a descriptive video should be a new video, more suitable for social dissemination, where it’s possible to reproduce some parts of the ppt presentation.


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