Climate change resilience for perennial crops


The Mediterranean region is the European area with the strongest impact of climate change on agriculture: increasing extreme heat events, droughts, biodiversity loss, water demand…  Perennial fruit crops (e.g., grapevine, olive, avocado, cherries, lemons) represent an important land area of this region and are currently facing climate change. Farmers are changing or adapting their practices accordingly, but some of these practices are not managing to cross territorial borders or remain limited to a specific agricultural sector. The EU-funded CLIMED-FRUIT project aims to share this new expertise, collected from different operational groups across Europe, for a better climate change adaptation and mitigation.  


Scaling local solutions dealing with climate change up to an EU level 

Widening knowledge on ready-to-use practices to adapt to climate change 

Improving understanding of climate change risks and solutions available to mitigate them 

Helping Europe to become climate-neutral by 2050 


Soil conservation and carbon storage

Improving resilience of crops facing climatic hazards

Innovative practices for water stress management and dry farming

Adaptation of food chain processes to climate change and diversification

Preserving biodiversity in Mediterranean crops for a better resilience to climate change issues


European partners

Located in the Mediterranean area

Millions € budget


Operational groups facilitated by partners

Perennial crops

represented in the project consortium


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